Soul of Asia, Seoul – Deoksugung

29 10 2009

  Combination of traditional and modern construction. Deoksugung.

I went to Deoksugung at last weekend. Deoksugung has unusual attraction than the other palace. I’m impressed by Deokhongjeon, Seogeodang and Jeonggwanheon.



First, Emperor Gojong received high-ranking officials and foreign envoys in Deokhongjeon.



Feature of Deokhongjeon is that the big chandelier is suspended from the ceiling. It shows the period already has used electricity.



Also, stone sculpture called “Japsang” on Deokhongjeon’s tiled roofs, depend people.  And Seogeodang is the only building at Deoksugung with a two-tiered roof. Because it is not painted, Seogeodang resembles a typical home of that time.



Lastly, Jeonggwanheon is very unique. Jeonggwanheon is role such as the rear garden. The tops of the veranda columns are decorated with carvings in traditional Korean motifs such as blue-and-gold dragons, bats, and flower vases. And Gojong enjoyed coffee at Jeonggwanheon.
taking pictures with a chief of gatekeepers

taking pictures with a chief of gatekeepers

Also, Deoksugung is famous of ceremony that take turns a chief of gatekeepers. Especially, Foreigners like this ceremony.

Many tourist resorts such as Seoul Capital, Gwanghwamun Square, Cheonggyecheon is next to Deoksugung.

And, Deoksugung has cicerone. They support foreign language guidance ; Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese. If you go to Deoksugung, cicerone helps your tour.

If you go to Seoul or Korea, I recommend to visit Deoksugung. You will be impressive in Deoksugung’s unique style!




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