Lunar New Year’s Day – Unhyungung

27 02 2010

Lunar New Year’s Day is January 1st.
Lunar New Year’s Day called “Seollal” in South Korea.
And this day is South Korea’s biggest holiday.
People wear new clothes called “Seolbim”.

This time, I was reported Unhyungung.

Unhyungung is located Bukchon, Seoul.
Unhyungung held Seollal-Lunar New Year’s Day- event.

This event included traditional perfomance.
One of the perfomance is traditional percussion quartet.
Traditional percussion quartet called “Samulnori” in South Korea.
Samulnori-traditional precussion quartet- plays four musical instruments.
Four musical instruments are drum, janggu, kkwaenggwari, gong.

This amusement is neolttwigi.
Neolttwigi is jumping game. It is similar to see-sawing.

People play yut on New Year’s Day.
A game of yut using four sticks.
A game of yut has five cases such as Do, Gea, Gul, Yut, Mo.

From old times, people plays this game called “Tuho”.
It throw the sticks into the barrel.

Seollal eats a special food called “Tteokguk”.
Tteokguk makes slices of rice cake, beef, eggs, etc.

Seollal is special holiday only in Asia.
If you want to feel special holidays, Seollal must to be good experience!

** Unhyungung has many events.
Refer to Unhyungung homepage for details.
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