6 03 2010

Taekwondo is Korea’s traditional martial arts.
Recently, Taekwondo is determined an official Olympic event.
Foreigners also have interested in Taekwondo.


Lunar New Year’s Day – Unhyungung

27 02 2010

Lunar New Year’s Day is January 1st.
Lunar New Year’s Day called “Seollal” in South Korea.
And this day is South Korea’s biggest holiday.
People wear new clothes called “Seolbim”.

This time, I was reported Unhyungung.

Unhyungung is located Bukchon, Seoul.
Unhyungung held Seollal-Lunar New Year’s Day- event.

This event included traditional perfomance.
One of the perfomance is traditional percussion quartet.
Traditional percussion quartet called “Samulnori” in South Korea.
Samulnori-traditional precussion quartet- plays four musical instruments.
Four musical instruments are drum, janggu, kkwaenggwari, gong.

This amusement is neolttwigi.
Neolttwigi is jumping game. It is similar to see-sawing.

People play yut on New Year’s Day.
A game of yut using four sticks.
A game of yut has five cases such as Do, Gea, Gul, Yut, Mo.

From old times, people plays this game called “Tuho”.
It throw the sticks into the barrel.

Seollal eats a special food called “Tteokguk”.
Tteokguk makes slices of rice cake, beef, eggs, etc.

Seollal is special holiday only in Asia.
If you want to feel special holidays, Seollal must to be good experience!

** Unhyungung has many events.
Refer to Unhyungung homepage for details.
[ http://www.unhyeongung.or.kr/ ]

Rain (Jeong Ji-hun)

9 02 2010


Rain(Jeong Ji-hun) is Korean singer.

He entered Hollywood at 2008.

I believe that he will become reader!

Korea as well as Hollywood.

Seoul’s NEW Attraction (Subway Tour)

7 02 2010

↑ Click the image!

This map is ‘Seoul’s new attraction – Subway tour’.
This map introduce unusual Seoul attraction.
When you use this map, you experience unique travel!
This map involve 29 attractions.

1. jeongseon memorial hall
– Line 9 (Gold line) Yangcheon Hyanggyo Station

2. Noeul Park, Haneul Park
– Line 6 (Brown line) World Cup Stadium Station

3. Nanji Hangang Park
– Line 6 (Brown line) Mapo-gu Office Station
– Line 6 (Brown line) World Cup Stadium Station

4. Omok Park
– Line 5 (Purple line) Omokgyo Station

5. Anyangcheon
– Line 1 (Dark blue line) Guil Station

6. Geumcheon Fashion Town
– Line 1·7 (Dark blue·Olive line) Gasan Digital Complex Station

7. Yeonsinnae water lights Park
– Line 3 (Orange line) Yeonsinnae Station

8. Gwanghwamun Square
– Line 5 (Purple line) Gwanghwamun Station

9. Seodaemun Independence Park
– Line 3 (Orange line) Dongnimmun Station

10. Seoul Plaza
– Line 1·2 (Dark blue·Green line) City Hall Station

11. Yeouido Hangang Park
– Line 5 (Purple line) Yeouinaru Station

12. Gwanak Design Street
– Line 2 (Green line) Seoul Nat’l Univ.(Gwanak-gu Office) Station

13. Cheonggyecheon
– Line 1 (Dark blue line) Jonggak Station
– Line 5 (Purple line) Gwanghwamun Station

14. Moonlight Rainbow Fountain
– Line 3·7 (Orange·Olive line) Express Bus Terminal Station
– Line 4 (Blue line) Dongjak Station
– Line 9 (Gold line) Sinbanpo Station

15. Gangnamdaero Design Street
– Line 2 (Green line) Gangnam Station

16. Yangjaecheon
– Line 3 (Orange line) Dogok Station
– Line 3 (Orange line) Hangnyeoul Station
– Line Bundang (Yellow line) Gaepo-dong Station
– Line Bundang (Yellow line) Daemosan Station

17. Ttukseom Hangang Park
– Line 2·7 (Green·Olive line) Konkuk Univ. Station
– Line 7 (Olive line) Ttukseom Park Station

18. Garden5
– Line 8 (Pink line) Jangji Station

19. Herb Park
– Line 5 (Purple line) Gil-dong Station

20. Cheonho Design Street
– Line 5·8 (Purple·Pink line) Cheonho(Pungnaptoseong) Station

21. Pedestrian-Friendly Street
– Line 5·8 (Purple·Pink line) Cheonho(Pungnaptoseong) Station
– Line 5 (Purple line) Gwangnaru Station

22. Yongma Waterfall Park
– Line 7 (Olive line) Yongmasan Station

23. Children’s Grand Park
– Line 5 (Purple line) Achasan(Children’s Grand Park Back Gate) Station
– Line 7 (Olive line) Children’s Grand Park Station

24. Seoul Folk Flea Market
– Line 1·2 (Dark blue·Green line) Sinseol-dong Station

25. Seun Greenway Park
– Line 1·3·5 (Dark blue·Orange·Purple line) Jongno 3(sam)-ga Station

26. Arariro Design Street
– Line 4 (Blue line) Sungshin Women’s Univ.(Donam) Station
– Line 4 (Blue line) Hansung Univ.(Samseongyo) Station

27. Dream Forest
– Line 4 (Blue line) Miasamgeori Station
– Line 6 (Brown line) Dolgoji Station

28. Nowon Culture Street
– Line 4·7 (Blue·Olive line) Nowon Station

29. Seoul Iris Garden
– Line 1·7 (Dark blue·Olive line) Dobongsan Station

My Winter Story

7 02 2010


I’m high-school girl in Korea.

After high-school student, the first winter vacation was on the move.

One months in first, I took lessons in school.

Very unusual experience had during winter vacation.

A tremendous amount of snow fell on the Korea.

It’s very novel experience.

The remainder of winter vacation toured together with relative.

Younger sisters visited Seoul during winter vacation.

We went to Children’s Grand Park, Gyeongbokgung, Bukchon hanok village, Gwanghwamun Square.

I go back school tomorrow.

This vacation was happy days. Will I be happy vacation next time?

I’ll devote to study. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


5 02 2010


Korean traditional clothes, hanbok!





5 02 2010